09/22/2010 - The first veteran spinning machines on the Rieter website

Some months ago Rieter launched a search for the oldest Rieter spinning machine. Rieter is offering the owner of the oldest spinning machine still in operation a trip to the ITMA in Barcelona including the flight and a two-night stay. A prize draw will award Swiss quality watches to two further owners of veteran Rieter spinning machines.

This campaign has met with considerable interest, and Rieter is now presenting the first candidates on its website.

E 4/3 ribbon lap Sri Ramakrishna Mills CBE Ltd.

B 2/1 mixing bale opener 1964 Vardhman Textile Ltd.

C 1 card Flawa AG

Rieter is looking for the machine with the most years of service which is still currently in daily use in a spinning mill to produce yarn from fiber, from bale opening to spinning machine, manufactured by Rieter, Schubert & Salzer or Ingolstadt Spinnereimaschinenbau.

The first e-mails with pictures and details of spinning machines have already reached Rieter. The most interesting machines are described below:

In China 26-year-old E 7/5 combers and E 5/3 combing preparation machines are still in production at Qiaoguang Textile Co. Ltd. These machines are still in good condition and the customer is full of praise for their quality, and especially their wear resistance.

Rieter has received an e-mail from El Salvador with pictures of various drawframes. Our customer Hilosa (Industria de Hilos) has operated SB 851, RSB 951 SB 2 and SB 10 drawframe models since 1978 und is still very satisfied with the reliability of these machines.

A combing line dating from 1968 is still in operation at Sri Ramakrishna Mills (CBE) Ltd. in India for producing blended yarns. This line consists of an E 2/4 sliver lap machine, an E 4/1 ribbon lap machine and E 7/2 combers operating at 160 nips/min.

A B 2/1 mixing bale opener has been producing in Ludhiana, India, for 45 years. It is used in a line with C 3/1 cards for feeding man-made fibers such as polyester, acrylic, Modal, etc. The machine has performed to the complete satisfaction of our customer, Vardhman Textile Ltd., since its installation – without any loss of quality and reliability. A total of 325 000 operating hours have been recorded to date!

A particularly interesting line with older Rieter machines is in operation at Flawa in Flawil, Switzerland. A line including a bale breaker dating from 1940, which operates as a preliminary stage for the scutcher unit dating from 1941, is used to produce hygiene articles such as surgical dressings. This line then feeds three Rieter C 1 cards (1958).

The search continues

There are still some weeks to go before the closing date of the competition on October 31.

Customers are requested to send a picture of the machine and further details to Rieter. Prizes will be drawn from among all entries. The owner of the oldest machine will receive an invitation to the 2011 ITMA in Barcelona, including the flight and a two-night stay.

You will find out more about the competition on the Rieter website (www.rieter.com/oldestmachine) or by e-mail ( marketing.sys@rieter.com). Rieter is looking forward to a good response and wishes to thank all customers whose careful maintenance ensures that Rieter products have a long and productive working life.

Download Pictures

 E 7/5 Comber, Qiaoguang Textile Co. Ltd., China
(JPG CMYK, 3.4 MB) (right click, save as)

 D 0/2 Drawframe, Industria de Hilos S.A., El Salvador
(JPG CMYK, 1.8 MB) (right click, save as)

 E 4/1 Ribbon Lap, Sri Ramakrishna Mills (CBE) Ltd., India
(JPG CMYK, 2.9 MB) (right click, save as)

 B 2/1 Mixing Bale Opener, Vardhman Textile Ltd., India
(JPG CMYK, 2.0 MB) (right click, save as)

 C 1 Card, Flawa AG, Schwitzerland
(JPG CMYK, 5.8 MB) (right click, save as)

 The oldest Spinning Machine in the Field
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