09/17/2007 - The ITMA 2007 booth of World Records

Rieter Textile Systems proudly presents the world records in spinning at ITMA 2007. The four exhibited machines on booth A6 417/514 are world champions.

Card C 60

New comber E 66

Rotor spinning R 40

New COM4 spinning machine K 45

In hall A6 booth 417 / 514 Rieter exhibits four machines out of the program for short staple yarn manufacturing from bale to yarn. Rieter is proud to offer not only the entire system but also the world champions for carding, combing, ring spinning and rotor spinning.

The card with the highest production rate of the world

The card C 60 in its latest version is the most productive card in the world. With a maximum of 220 kg/h it is very efficient. In addition with the integrated grinding system IGS it is the only card in the world that sharpens the wire during production. This prolongs the lifetime of the wire and ensures constant sliver quality.

The fastest comber of the world

The new comber E 66, or in the automated version E 76, sets again new standards with 500 nips / minute in daily operation. In addition Rieter can demonstrate the decreased energy consumption per kg produced and the best fiber selection. The longest rotor spinning machine of the world The rotor spinning machine R 40 in its latest version is the longest rotor spinning machine of the world with 500 spinning positions and 4 independent robots. This guarantees high space productivity and low energy consumption. In addition the unique aero piecing systems ensures yarn like piecers. With this rotor spinning machine customers spin efficient and produce high quality rotor yarn.

The longest compact spinning machine of the world

The new COM4spinning machine K 45 of Rieter is the longest compact spinning machine of the world with 1'632 spindles. In addition it offers many possibilities to produce trendy yarns: slub yarns, spin twist, core yarns, multi twist and multi count variations. Further power savings have been also possible.

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