10/27/2014 - The Second Rieter Com4® Yarn Seminar China – Again a contribution to the Success in Yarn Trading

After the gratifying response to the first yarn seminar, the second Com4® Yarn Seminar China was held on September 18 & 19 in Rieter's Changzhou Plant II. The yarn seminar focuses on the requirements of yarn buyers, sellers and traders. The participants thus benefit from Rieter’s leading expertise in the textile industry which they can efficiently apply in yarn trading.

Hands-on machines in the new SpinCentre aroused great interest.

The comparison of fabric samples and end products in the new showroom.

Visiting the air-jet spinning line at Zhangjiagang Yangtse Spinning Co., Ltd.

During the 2-day seminar, the participants were presented with extensive information on these important topics: 4 yarn spinning technologies, yarn characteristics and different behaviour in the downstream process, typical applications and end products. Hands-on spinning machines in the new Spin Centre and the comparison of typical end products in the showroom provided a good combination of theory and practice that helped the participants to better understand and assimilate the knowledge.

The participants were deeply impressed by Rieter’s assembly line and highly convinced by the high quality Com4® yarn produced by the Rieter spinning machines.

Visit to the Air-Jet Spinning Line at Yangtse

Zhangjiagang Yangtse Spinning Co., Ltd. is the first Rieter customer in China to receive the Com4®jet licence. The participants viewed the complete production line at Yangtse, which consists of the high-performance Rieter machines C 601 Card, SB-D 45 and RSB-D 45 draw frames as well as the J 20 air-jet spinning machines producing an outstanding Com4®jet yarn.

The seminar provided the participants with an opportunity to exchange information and to cultivate business communication. Additionally, the seminar established a link between the Rieter reference customer and yarn traders, buyers and sellers.

Further Com4® yarn seminars will continue to be held in Winterthur, China and India. If you are interested in participating in a Com4® yarn seminar in China, please contact:  lisa.li@rieter.com.

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 Hands-on machine
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 Comparison of fabric samples and end products
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 Visiting the air-jet spinning line at Yangtse
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