11/30/2010 - The Winner of the Competition “The oldest Rieter spinning machine in the field” is Flawa AG in Flawil (Switzerland)

Since 1795 Rieter has been producing spinning machines and is committed to values such as quality, customer satisfaction and innovation. Rieter spinning machines are long-lasting. The quality of Rieter spinning machines assures decades of successful and dependable operation. That is why Rieter machines are still in demand as second-hand machines, even at a ripe old age.

From left to right: Peter Gnägi, CEO Rieter Textile Systems together with the owner of the winning machine, Peter Brülisauer from Flawa AG

The winning bale-breaker from 1940 owned by Flawa AG, Switzerland

Rieter would like to thank the customers who have looked after their machines well for decades and for this reason, it launched a competition some months’ ago to find the oldest Rieter spinning machine which is still in operation.

On 26 November 2010, the prize for the oldest Rieter spinning machine in the world was awarded under the supervision of a notary.

The winner was  Flawa AG in Flawil (Switzerland) with a bale-breaker (opener for cotton bales) from 1940. The winner’s prize – a flight to the ITMA 2011 (International Textile Machine Exhibition) in Barcelona incl. 2 overnight stays – was personally presented to Peter Brülisauer and Leo Moser by Peter Gnägi, CEO Rieter Textile Systems. The 2nd and 3rd prizes were drawn by Peter Gnägi from the remaining entries.

We warmly congratulate the winners and thank all participants for taking part.

Our thanks are also due for their long-standing loyalty to Rieter and their thorough maintenance of the Rieter spinning machines, then conscientious machine care by the customers enables Rieter spinning machines to achieve top performance, even after decades.

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 Peter Gnägi (Rieter) and Peter Brülisauer (Flawa AG)
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 The winning bale-breaker from 1940 owned by Flawa AG, Switzerland
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