10/27/2006 - TOPclean - the effective drafting system extractor

TOPclean is a retrofit for Rieter drawframes, which improves dust extraction from the web.

Improved dust extraction from the web with the new TOPclean drafting system extractor results in real advantages in downstream processing. The optimized air circulation of TOPclean has an immediate impact on the cleanliness of the drafting system and thus has a direct influence on sliver production. Additional cleaning lips for the top rollers also ensure clean top roller covers and prevent lap formation. An adjustable automatic mechanism controls the brief raising of the cleaning lips to enable them to be cleaned. TOPclean can be retrofitted with little effort.  

The advantages:    

  • Improved lint extraction
  • Reduced IPI values and Classimat faults are achievable
  • Fewer laps due to lower temperatures and clean top rollers
  • Longer cleaning cycles  

The retrofit TOPclean is available for Rieter drawframes SB-D 10 / SB-D 15 / RSB-D 30(c) / RSB-D 35(c) without CUBIcan.  

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