Automated air-jet spinning machine J 26 - Economical yarn production with a flexible machine

The fully-automated, double-sided air-jet spinning machine J 26 with 200 spinning units, up to six robots and a delivery speed of 500 m/min ensures economical and flexible production. The attachment P 26 for 100% polyester spinning widens the application range. High performance is supported by the piecing preparation system reducing the cycle time. The new edge displacement realises packages with homogeneous density, heavier weight and soft edges for best performance downstream. The system is completed with the Rieter yarn clearer Q 10A customized for the air-jet application.


  • 200 spin units, the delivery speed of 500 m/min and six robots ensure the most economical production process.
  • Single drive concept for spin and winding units ensures optimal power utilization. Monitoring the suction motor performance brings up to 15% energy savings.
  • The economical concept of a double-sided layout with cans under the machine saves up to 60% space and reduces mill operating costs.


  • The unique Com4®jet yarn structure provides benefits in downstream processing and in the fabric. Technological innovations enable fabric softness to be adjusted.
  • The well established Rieter yarn clearer Q 10A is integrated in the J 26. All standard clearer functions and special monitoring channels for polyester spinning are available.
  • With the new edge displacement, packages have homogenous density, heavier weight and soft edges for best performance in downstream processing.
  • The automated piecing system utilizes the proven principle of progressive fiber feeding that helps to create strong, yarn-like piecings which are undetectable in fabrics.


  • The polyester attachment P 26 ensures long production cyles spinning 100% polyester on the J 26. Yarn properties like strength and hairiness are improved.
  • Independent machine sides with different settings for all parameters and independent tube loading enable two different articles to be produced at the same time.


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