SERVOtrail – the flexible, modular roving bobbin transport system

SERVOtrail is Rieter's modular roving bobbin transport system offering maximum flexibility. All customer requirements can be met, from the simple, manual version to the fully automated solution. The simple, open system design and the flexible layout of the SERVOtrail system also enable different levels and buildings to be linked.


  • Reduced personnel requirements as a result of automated bobbin transport and easy, ergonomic handling.
  • Enhanced machine efficiency due to permanent availability of the full roving bobbins on the ring spinning machine.
  • Rapid and easy access to support via internet connection.


  • Roving quality guaranteed by contact-free material transport from the roving frame to the ring spinning machine.Improved roving quality due to contact-free material transport.
  • Maintenance-free system due to open track design and components that require no servicing.
  • Controlled intermediate storage due to absolute material control.


  • Management of different assortments with controlled allocation.
  • Flexible and modular bobbin transport system; space-saving, customised systems for all customer requirements.
  • Manual to fully automated solutions; various automation stages including tube cleaning.


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