Compact Spinning Machine K 42 – Fully-compacted yarns economically produced

The compact spinning machine K 42 is the economical further development of the successful Rieter compact spinning machines. With up to 1 824 spindles it sets standards in quality and economy. The K 42 also offers maximum flexibility for quality yarns. The machine concept for the compacting system with perforated metal cylinders offers optional double-sided suction and only a fraction of the energy and maintenance costs of other compacting systems is required.


  • The compact spinning machine K 42 requires only about 25 % of the compacting energy necessary with comparable solutions. The maintenance cost are significant lower compared to other compacting systems.
  • The compact spinning machine K 42 guarantees an extremely economical investment and low production costs per kilogram of yarn by using mechanical gears in the drafting system.
  • The Rieter compacting system with detecting air-guide element guarantees maximum consistency in yarn quality. This has a positive impact on running behaviour and consequently increases output.


  • Com4®compact yarns display very low hairiness. This has a positive impact on the appearance of the end product and the pilling resistance.
  • The very high strength and low hairiness of Com4®compact yarns have significant economical advantages throughout downstream processing.
  • The outstanding yarn structure allows sophisticated constructions in woven and knitted fabrics.


  • The new universal compacting unit ensures rapid adjustment to the yarn properties required by the market.
  • Functions such as spindle speed, yarn twist as well as ROBOload and traveling cleaner can be centrally displayed and controlled on the machine panel.
  • The compact spinning machine produces a variety of fashionable Com4®compact yarns including Com4®compact-twin and Com4®compact-light.

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