Compact spinning machine K 46 – For fully-compacted yarns with lowest energy consumption

The compact spinning machine K 46 is a further development of its successful predecessor model, the K 45. With maximal 1 824 spindles it sets standards in compacting, machine length and economy. In addition, the K 46 offers greatest flexibility for quality yarns. Its superiority over other compacting processes has been further increased by additional technical spinning solutions for extended applications. The machine concept for the compacting system with perforated metal cylinders offers double-sided suction and despite adjustable compacting performance, only requires a fraction of the energy consumption and maintenance costs generated by other compacting systems.


  • The compact spinning K 46 machine requires only about 25% of the compacting energy necessary with comparable solutions. Costs and effort for the replacement of worn compacting aprons are eliminated.
  • The compact spinning machine K 46 enables fast and easy machine set-up and together with MEMOset also the storage and transfer of data to other ring spinning machines.
  • The Rieter compacting system with detecting air-guide element guarantees highest consistency in the yarn quality. This positively affects the running behaviour and consequently increases the production.


  • Com4®compact yarns display very low hairiness. This positively affects the pilling resistance of the end product.
  • Ultimate strength and low hairiness of the Com4®compact yarns lead to clear advantages in the entire downstream processing.
  • Thanks to optimised and detecting air-guide elements, the K 46 achieves high compacting consistency and efficiency.


  • The new universal compacting unit and the adjustable compacting pressure ensure a rapid adjustment to the yarn properties required by the market.
  • The FLEXIstart machine function allows a considerable raw material saving during spinning start-up by quarter or half-side starting of the drafting arrangement.
  • All machine functions such as spindle drive, FLEXIdraft, ROBOload and travelling cleaner can be centrally shown and controlled on the machine display.

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