Energy efficiency and energy savings are assuming increasingly crucial importance nowadays. Rieter has taken this aspect into account for many years and is developing new, innovative products in order to reduce power costs and preserve the environment.

Suction Tube ECOrized

The Suction Tube ECOrized is one of these products. It reduces suction power at the spinning position by 50% and results in significant cost savings.

Each spinning position currently features a suction opening for extracting ends down and tangles. However, this is only needed in very few cases. So why not use a suction tube that opens fully only when necessary? The Suction Tube ECOrized offers this advantage and the resulting energy savings. Existing suction tubes can simply be replaced. Considerable energy savings are achieved in conjunction with adjustable inverter control.

Improved Extraction

In the event of tangles, so much fiber material is delivered by the drafting system that the closed flap of the tube opening is forced open. The large tube cross-section thus opened up reliably extracts the tangles. The reduced suction opening is adequate during normal spinning operations.

Inexpensive Investment

The conversion is simple and can be carried out by a qualified mill electrician. The considerable energy savings and the attractive price of the conversion kit ensure rapid payback.

Functionality of the ECOrized suction tube

Cost savings confirmed in practice

Baris, a Rieter customer in Turkey, already saves up to 10% energy resp. 66 600 USD per year with its 14 refitted G 35 ring spinning machines. In the following statement, Mahmut Kilinç, the Baris Spinning Mill Manager, shows how this works in practice and talks about the benefits of the ECOrized suction tube. It’s worth taking a further look!


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