Homogeneous mixer UNImix B 72 / B 76 - Effective mixing in a minimum of space

The mixing machine B 72 / B 76 guarantees homogeneous, intimate mixing of the bale feed in a minimum of space, even with unfavourable bale lay-down. The unique 3-point mixing process is equally suitable for cotton and man-made fibers. Eight mixing chambers ensure not only effective mixing, but also high production performance. The large storage volume of the UNImix provides the ideal preconditions for a high degree of operating autonomy in the blowroom.


  • The production volume up to 800 kg/h (B 72) or up to 1 200 kg/h (B 76) results in an excellent price/performance ratio with comparably low space requirements.
  • The large storage capacity ensures regular feeding of the downstream blowroom machines and is the precondition for the production of quality yarn without personnel intervention.
  • Settings are entered rapidly, easily and reproducibly on the UNImix by the push of a button. Short setup times result in high efficiency.


  • The unique 3-point mixing principle with 8 mixing chambers produces a good, permanently homogeneous fiber mix. This is the precondition for consistently high yarn quality.
  • Tuft size can be adjusted at the mixing roller in coordination with raw material and application; optimal opening and homogeneous feed to the subsequent process are thus guaranteed.
  • Integrated dust removal separates the dust-laden conveying air from the fiber material. This occurs extremely gently and consequently improves the running behavior of the spinning machine and thus also yarn quality.


  • The easy addition of an opening or cleaner module provides flexibility with the capability to respond to changes in market conditions.
  • The ability to process cotton, blends and man-made fibers means that there are no limitations when processing different raw materials.
  • Bypass facility for the cleaner module (e.g. with man-made fibers) for rapid mix change.


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