SPIDERweb is the only mill monitoring system that captures, displays and assists in the analysis of all of the relevant data, right from spinning preparation up to all four end spinning systems. Intelligent modules enable quick decisions to be made and measures to be prioritized. Plant utilization is improved, quality levels and productivity are increased, energy consumption is reduced and the yield of raw material is optimized. New modules are constantly developed and can be integrated easily.


  • Simple, configurable data analysis enables the right measures to be initiated with short reaction times. This increases efficiency and reduces costs.
  • Data comparisons over long periods of time and across the entire spinning process reveal factors that influence success. This enables targeted corrective measures to be taken.
  • A competent system for the entire milling line reduces complexity, detects connections between process stages and increases efficiency.


  • SPIDERweb monitors the quality online and reliably detects exceptions. Quick intervention improves the quality level and consistency of the yarn.
  • SPIDERweb guarantees the end-to-end recording and documentation of quality data. This supports the development of reliable quality assurance.
  • End-to-end online monitoring replaces routine laboratory tests. This reduces the cost of indispensable quality assurance whilst simultaneously improving it.


  • It is very easy to individually select the relevant facts which should be shown in a report.
  • SPIDERweb grows with the plant. It provides the opportunity to integrate both old and new generations of machines into the system.
  • Thanks to SPIDERweb’s modular design, functions can be tailored to individual requirements. New modules are constantly developed and can be integrated easily.


Real-Time Mill Performance Monitoring – Anytime and Anywhere

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