Com4®jet – air-jet-spun yarn

The Com4®jet yarn produced on the Rieter air-jet spinning machine is formed in a compressed air flow that winds the fibers around a parallel yarn core. Typical for the yarn are the very low hairiness and the high yarn volume. Decisive features over other air-spun yarns are the yarn-like piecings and the soft touch. The downstream processor profits from a minimal fiber fly and low dyestuff for comparable color intensity. The end product excels by its low pilling tendency, high washing resistance and dimensional stability.

Com4® yarn characteristics:

  • Unique low hairiness
  • High volume
  • Low tendency for staff (fibre fly)
  • High abrasion resistance

Process advantages:

  • Low dyestuff for comparable color intensity
  • Low snagging tendency
  • Lowest generation of dust and fibre fly

Fabric appearance:

  • Low pilling tendency
  • Low spirality tendency
  • Low change of textile surface after frequent washing

Typical end products:

  • Knitwear in general
  • Outerwear
  • Bed linen


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