Com4®ring – ring-spun yarn

Com4®ring is the yarn from the Rieter ring spinning machines which is distinguished by high quality consistency in comparison with other ring yarns. Com4®ring yarn covers the complete yarn range from very coarse to superfine yarns and is universal with regard to the fiber choice. Outstanding characteristics of the Com4®ring yarn are its high strength and higher hairiness that result in good functional properties and a pleasant wearing comfort. The finished fabric stands apart by its very good opacity and a soft feel.

Possible yarn variants:

  • core - core yarn
  • vario - fancy yarn
  • twin - spin-twist yarn

Com4® yarn characteristics:

  • Most flexible in raw material,count, characteristics
  • High tenacity
  • High hairiness

Process advantages:

  • Good running performance
  • Good picking and low air consumption in air-jet weaving

Fabric appearance:

  • Pleasant soft touch and drape
  • Good opacity
  • Widest range for fabric design

Typical end products:

  • Universal applicable
  • Outerwear
  • Underwear
  • Home textiles


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