Energy-saving and flexible at highest production and best yarn quality

Rieter’s innovations constantly provide new impulses in ring spinning technology. Long machines combined with efficient solutions reduce the energy-consumption and the production costs. Modular machine concepts increase the flexibility with regard to yarn counts and their respective applications such as the integrated fancy yarn device. Thanks to doffing without underwinding, greatest process stability and short doffing times, the Rieter doffer has become established as the technical market leader.

Key Products

Ring Spinning Machine G 36

  • With the suction tube ECOrized the energy consumption of the ring spinning machine G 36 could be reduced considerably by up to 10%.
  • SERVOgrip, the Rieter innovation for real, underwinding-free doffing, eliminates thread underwinding, distinctly reduces fibre fly and thereby ensures dependable and rapid doffing.
  • Longer machines with up to 1 824 spindles reduce the production costs per kilogram of yarn as well as the costs for buildings and climatic installations, thereby improving production economy.

Ring Spinning Machine G 32

  • Cost-efficient solutions reduce the investment costs per kilogram yarn and thereby increase the economy in ring spinning.
  • SERVOgrip, the Rieter innovation for genuine doffing without underwinding, eliminates yarn underwinding totally and thereof appreciably reduces fibre fly on ring spinning machines.
  • The ring spinning machine G 32 is up to 1 824 spindles long and has a modular construction. Consequently, the costs for machines, building and climatic conditions are reduced.


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