Ring spinning machine G 32 – High-quality yarns economically produced

The ring spinning machine G 32 complements Rieter’s ring spinning technology for standard applications. The textile-technological functions of the mill-proven Rieter ring spinning models have been optimized to achieve cost-efficient yarn production. Customers profit from a top quality machine that combines efficient energy utilisation with suction tube ECOrized and superior yarn quality with high spinning speeds.


  • Cost-efficient solutions reduce the investment costs per kilogram yarn and thereby increase the economy in ring spinning.
  • The G 32 is up to 1 824 spindles long and has a modular construction. Consequently, the costs for machines, building and climatic conditions are reduced.
  • The yarn production costs are reduced due to highest production and lowest energy consumption with the innovative suction tube ECOrized.


  • SERVOgrip, the Rieter innovation for genuine doffing without underwinding, eliminates yarn underwinding totally and thereof appreciably reduces fiber fly on ring spinning machines.
  • Novibra spindles and Bräcker rings are the basis for optimal spinning results.
  • The mill-proven Ri-Q-Draft drafting arrangement with pneumatically loaded guide arm and the Ri-Q-Bridge for superior spinning conditions form a solid basis for a high and constant yarn quality.


  • The ring spinning machine G 32 is suitable for all conventional yarns from Ne 10 up to Ne 160.
  • The FLEXIstart machine function allows a considerable raw material saving during spinning start-up by half-side starting of the drafting arrangement.
  • Machine functions such as spindle drive, drafting arrangement, ROBOload and travelling cleaner can be centrally shown and controlled via the machine display.


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