Ring spinning machine G 36 – Cutting edge technology for superior, economically produced quality yarns

The ring spinning machine G 36 is a further milestone in the development of the successful Rieter ring spinning technology. All proven features of the G 35 predecessor model have been adopted but the energy consumption has been further distinctly reduced with the suction tube ECOrized. The electronically-controlled drafting arrangement drive FLEXIdraft permits highest flexibility. Customers profit from a high-capacity, dependable and high-quality machine with multiple technical spinning solutions. This is the basis for economically produced quality and special yarns.


  • With the suction tube ECOrized the energy consumption of the G 36 could be reduced considerably by up to 10%.
  • Longer machines with up to 1 824 spindles reduce the production costs per kilogram of yarn as well as the costs for buildings and climatic installations, thereby improving production economy.
  • ISM (individual spindle monitoring) is available in the basis version or with extended analysis options provided by the SPIDERweb data system.


  • SERVOgrip, the Rieter innovation for real, underwinding-free doffing, eliminates thread underwinding, distinctly reduces fibre fly and thereby ensures dependable and rapid doffing.
  • The proven Ri-Q-Draft drafting arrangement with pneumatically-loaded guide arm and the Ri-Q-Bridge for superior spinning conditions form a solid basis for high and consistent yarn quality.
  • The direct motor-driven intermediate drive ensures consistent quality with long machines.


  • The ring spinning machine G 36 is designed for coarse to finest yarns as well as for special yarns.
  • The MEMOset article module stores all necessary spinning parameters. The data can be processed on-screen. The data transfer from machine to machine is carried out via the USB interface.
  • The FLEXIstart machine function allows a considerable raw material saving during spinning start-up by quarter resp. half-side starting of the drafting arrangement.


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