Leading-edge technology for automated and semi-automated rotor spinning

The strength of Rieter’s rotor spinning lies not only in its high productivity but also its great flexibility in terms of raw material and yarn construction. The fully-automated rotor spinning machine offers state-of-the-art technology for the manufacture of Com4®rotor quality yarns at highest productivity and lowest energy consumption. The semi-automated machine is specially designed for economic production with manual support and combines a high standard of yarn quality with efficient operability of the machine. Independent machine sides provide maximum flexibility of both machines.

Key Products

Fully automated rotor spinning machine R 66

  • High productivity with up to 700 rotors and up to 5% higher delivery through modern spinning technology and high efficiency. The operator benefits from very simple operation and maintenance.
  • Improved breaking tenacity and yarn consistency with the advanced spin box S 66 with individual centring and easily replaceable spinning elements.
  • Up to 10% energy savings through advanced technology and energy-saving suction with automatic filter cleaning ECOrized.

Semi-automated rotor spinning machine R 36

  • High production with up to 600 rotors per machine and optimal working conditions due to ergonomical machine height.
  • Low ends down rate and good yarn quality in respect of yarn strength, evenness and imperfections with the most advanced technology of the new S 36 spin box.
  • Excellent piecing quality, easy to achieve with AMIspin  technology. Optional AMIspin-Pro technology provides even higher quality and success rates.


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