Semi-Automated Rotor Spinning Machine R 36 - The direct path to good yarn quality at high productivity with easy operation

The R 36 with up to 600 positions, newest spinning technology and easy operation is the solution to achieving economical production. It stands for quality rotor yarns ranging from Ne 2 to Ne 40. Thanks to the innovative AMIspin and optional AMIspin-Pro technology, piecing quality is excellent. Fully independent machine sides allow high flexibility. Power saving and optional automatic piecing processes shorten the time for machine start-up. The yarn clearer Q 10 and excellent winding secure high quality products for the next process.


  • High production with up to 600 rotors per machine and optimal working conditions due to ergonomical machine height.
  • Sturdy machine design for rotor speeds up to 120 000 rpm and the electronic traverse system for delivery speeds up to 200 m/min allow permanently high productivity.
  • Fully independent machine sides allow fast lot change and efficient maintenance on one machine side while spinning continues on the other side.


  • Low ends down rate and good yarn quality in respect of yarn strength, evenness and imperfections with the most advanced technology of the new spin box S 36.
  • Excellent piecing quality, easy to achieve with AMIspin technology. Optional AMIspin-Pro technology provides even higher quality and success rates.
  • Improved spinning stability thanks to the new opening unit S 36 optimized for maximum fiber utilization, also with low grade raw material.


  • Two lots can be spun at same time with fully independent machine sides as standard. Two package transport belts prevent mix-up of lots.
  • "QSI" Quality-Spinning-In secures a short and energy saving machine start-up of the R 36, even after a power failure, with 100% AMIspin piecing quality. Optional automatic start-up with "ASI" Automated-Spinning-In.
  • All settings of the machine and the optional yarn clearer Q 10 adjustable on the large and easily understandable touch screen.


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