Fully automated rotor spinning machine R 66 – Most modern technology for quality and productivity

The fully automated rotor spinning machine R 66 sets the standard for quality and productivity. The new spin box S 66 ensures high spinning stability and yarn strength. The low energy consumption, solid construction and ease of use of the R 66 are convincing in practice. The modern spinning technology offers opportunities for optimization for a wide range of applications. The consistent yarn quality of the R 66 including yarn-like AEROpiecing ensures a leading position as a yarn supplier.


  • High productivity with up to 700 rotors and up to 5% higher delivery through modern spinning technology and high efficiency. The operator benefits from very simple operation and maintenance.
  • Up to six efficient robots (cycle time 20 s) ensure high efficiency even with many piecings and bobbin changes. Unique service stations reduce maintenance and allow smooth operation.
  • Up to 10% energy savings through advanced technology and energy-saving suction with automatic filter cleaning ECOrized.


  • Improved breaking tenacity and yarn consistency with the advanced spin box S 66 with individual centring and easily replaceable spinning elements.
  • Good properties in further processing through uniform yarn quality. Yarn-like piecing thanks to unique technology AEROpiecing® and rotor cleaning VARIOclean on each piecing cycle.
  • Better yarn quality through cooler nozzle surface with COOLnozzle technology (prevents damage to sensitive fibres).


  • Flexibility through independently adjustable machine sides (optional). Two separate tube loaders and conveyor belts provide maximum protection against mix-up. Ideal for automatic bobbin transport.
  • Easy robot setting with only six parameters and recommended setting with eXpert Piecing System (XPS).
  • Integrated VARIOspin fancy yarn device (optional) by specialist Amsler. Easy to retrofit.


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