Double-head draw frame SB-D 22 - Double-head draw frame with unique can changer up to 1 000 mm

The double-head draw frame SB-D 22 without autoleveling guarantees maximum machine efficiency with a unique can changer up to 1 000 mm. The machine concept is labor and space saving. At delivery speeds of up to 1 100 m/min the mill-proven Rieter 4-over-3 drafting system ensures outstanding yarn quality. Unique centralized drafting system setting and easy modification of the delivery speed on the display panel also enhance customer benefits. Energy consumption is some 20% lower than for other manufacturers’ machines.


  • With a production performance of  x 1 100 m/min in mill operations the new draw frame produces up to 20 tonnes of sliver per day.
  • Energy consumption is some 20% lower than for comparable machines due to a well-conceived drive system.
  • The unique can changer up to 1 000 mm ensures high machine efficiency and reduces dependence on operator performance (option).


  • Superior Classimat values of the yarn are achieved due to efficient extraction from the drafting system featuring automatic lifted cleaning lips.
  • The CLEANcoil coiler ensures controlled sliver deposit and reduces cleaning effort, even with man-made fibers and their blends.
  • Large-format cans 1 000 mm in diameter significantly reduce the number of sliver piecings and thus result in fewer quality outliers.


  • Narrow machine width of only 2.98 m with 1 000 mm can changer enables maximum productivity to be achieved on the smallest possible floor area.
  • Unique centralized setting of roller distances simultaneously for both heads permits rapid, reproducible lot changes.
  • Delivery speed is modified easily and rapidly at the push of a button on the machine display panel via the frequency-controlled main drive.


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