Autoleveler Draw Frame RSB-D 50 and Draw Frame SB-D 50 – A new dimension in productivity, quality and easy operation

The new single-head draw frame generation from Rieter offers an unprecedented level of productivity with the highest quality standards. The patented drive concept ECOrized uses 25% less belt, saves up to 1 000 EUR per year on energy costs and now allows higher delivery speeds, for example for polyester and combed cotton. The unique SLIVERprofessional expert system is integrated on the easy-to-use touchscreen. Assortment changeover times are significantly reduced. Superb scanning precision and highest autoleveling dynamics ensure outstanding sliver evenness. A patented sliver coiling sensor guarantees precise coiling from the very first centimeter.


  • The draw frame is designed for highest productivity of up to 1 200 m/min delivery speed. Depending on the fiber material, the speed can be increased by up to 33%.
  • The substantially shortened drive train with energy-efficient motors saves up to 1 000 euros in energy costs per year on each RSB draw frame. This is also reflected in a significantly quieter machine.
  • The patented sliver guide upstream of the drafting system guarantees centric sliver guidance with high productivity and sliver quality at all times.


  • Superb scanning precision and highest autoleveling dynamics ensure outstanding sliver evenness – from the first to the last centimeter.
  • Superior Classimat values in the yarn are achieved due to efficient drafting system extraction with lifting cleaning lips and the frequency-controlled drive.
  • The new coiler CLEANcoil-PES extends the cleaning cycle on critical PES fibers by at least 100%. The CLEANtube option ensures clean sliver coiling when processing cotton.


  • Convenient setting of the delivery speed, coiler speed, suction intensity and draft (RSB only) is made on the touchscreen via frequency-controlled drives.
  • High visibility LEDs indicate the condition of the draw frame and simplify the work for the operator. A colored touchscreen facilitates intuitive operation.
  • The SLIVERprofessional expert system is integrated in the machine. The direct adoption of setting recommendations allows a rapid assortment changeover with best sliver quality.


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