Compact-Spinning Machine K 42

Fully compacted yarns produced with high efficiency
  1. Up to 17% energy saving
  2. Excellent yarn quality
  3. High profitability

Product details

The well-conceived concept of the compact-spinning machine K 42 facilitates significantly lower energy and maintenance costs compared to any other compacting system. Main contributing elements are the unique compacting system and energy-efficient components.

The textile-technological functions have been optimized to achieve cost-efficient production of fully compacted yarns. The very high yarn strength and the low hairiness positively influence downstream processing.


The compact-spinning machine K 42 requires only about 25% of the compacting energy necessary with comparable solutions. The maintenance cost are significant lower compared to other compacting systems. The compact-spinning machine K 42 guarantees an extremely economical investment and low production costs per kilogram of yarn by using mechanical gears in the drafting system.

The Rieter compacting system with detecting air-guide element guarantees maximum consistency in yarn quality. This has a positive impact on running behavior and consequently increases output.


Com4®compact yarns display very low hairiness. This has a positive impact on the appearance of the end product and the pilling resistance. The very high strength and low hairiness of Com4®compact yarns have significant economical advantages throughout downstream processing. The outstanding yarn structure allows sophisticated constructions in woven and knitted fabrics.


The universal compacting unit ensures rapid adjustment to the yarn properties required by the market. Functions such as spindle speed, yarn twist as well as ROBOload and traveling cleaner can be centrally displayed and controlled on the operating unit.

The compact-spinning machine K 42 produces a variety of fashionable Com4®compact yarns including Com4®compact-twin and Com4®compact-light.


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Rieter Com4® Yarns

Yarns for the most exacting requirements that ensure competitiveness in a dynamic market are Com4® yarns. Spun on Rieter ring, compact, rotor or air-jet spinning machines the Com4® yarns are characterized by excellent quality. Rieter customers profit from optimized production costs and good selling outlets.




Yarn count [Ne]

Cotton Ne 20 - 120, viscose bright Ne 30 - 80

Raw materials

Cotton ≥ 27 mm (1 1/16"), viscose bright up to 51 mm

Twist [T/m]

500 - 2 500

Draft [fold]

20 - 80


Spindle speed [rpm]

up to 25 000

Delivery speed [m/min]

up to 35


Number of spindles

up to 1 824

Spindle gauge [mm]


Machine automation


Transport automation