A leading global supplier for textile machinery and components used in short-staple fiber spinning

A leading global supplier for textile machinery and components used in short-staple fiber spinning

The global provider of components for all spinning processes

Yarns that follow fashion

Rieter offers attractive positions around the world


2003 semi-annual report: Higher sales and earnings in the first half of 2003

08/21/2003   Semi-Annual Report 2003 (English/PDF/52 KB)

2002 financial year: Encouraging order intake, higher operating margin

04/03/2003   Letter to Shareholder (English/PDF/32 KB)

2002 financial year: good performance in a difficult environment

02/05/2003   Press Release (English/PDF/24 KB)

2002 Semi-annual Report: Rieter reports higher order intake

08/23/2002   Semi-Annual Report 2002 (English/PDF/23 KB)

2001 financial year: Continued growth in sales and operating earnings

04/10/2002   Letter to Shareholder (English/PDF/18 KB)

2001 provisional results: Growth in restrained markets

02/05/2002   Letter to Shareholder (English/PDF/23 KB)

2001 semi-annual report: Rieter continues growth

08/24/2001   Semi-Annual Report 2001 (English/PDF/27 KB)

2000 financial year: pleasing growth in sales and earnings

04/09/2001   Letter to Shareholder (English/PDF/24 KB)

Financial year 2000: pleasing growth

02/06/2001   Letter to Shareholder (English/PDF/17 KB)

2000 semi-annual report: Sales growth and striking increase in profitability

08/25/2000   Semi-Annual Report 2000 (English/PDF/26 KB)

1999 financial year: net profit maintained despite lower sales

04/14/2000  Letter to Shareholder (English/PDF/26 KB)

Trend in sales and order intake improved in the second half of 1999

02/03/2000   Letter to Shareholder (English/PDF/17 KB)

1999 Semi-annual Report

08/20/1999   Semi-Annual Report 1999 (English/PDF/25 KB)

Sales and earning levels maintained

04/12/1999   Letter to Shareholder (English/PDF/14 KB)

1998 financial year: Sales maintained at the previous year's level

02/03/1999   Letter to Shareholder (English/PDF/17 KB)

Operating result and net profit doubled

04/07/1998   Letter to Shareholder (English/PDF/15 KB)

Gratifying performance in the 1997 financial year: strong growth in sales and earnings

02/03/1998   Letter to Shareholder (English/PDF/22 KB)

1997 Interim Report

08/21/1997   Semi-Annual Report 1997 (English/PDF/21 KB)

Growth in sales and earnings

04/08/1997   Letter to Shareholder (English/PDF/14 KB)

1996 financial year

02/04/1997   Letter to Shareholder (English/PDF/25 KB)

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