A leading global supplier for textile machinery and components used in short-staple fiber spinning

A leading global supplier for textile machinery and components used in short-staple fiber spinning

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11/06/2015 - Rieter at the ITMA 2015 - more innovations

Winterthur – In addition to the solutions already announced for complete systems, spinning preparation and end spinning process, Rieter is showing further innovative products at the ITMA 2015. These include a live demo of the SPIDERweb mill control system, the new EasyTop flats clothing system for the C 70 card, a technology element for processing polyester on the R 66 rotor spinning machine as well as ring and compact spinning machines with VARIOspin.

Rieter products have extremely long service lives. That applies equally to the machines as well as to their components. At the ITMA 2015, Rieter is presenting newly developed components and scope of services in Hall 2 on Booth A 106, in addition to a range of innovative machines. These ensure that the technically high level of a plant is also maintained long after purchase. That lowers costs and contributes to a consistently high quality of the yarns.

SPIDERweb live demonstration: the complete spinning mill on the smartphone
SPIDERweb is the only mill control system that collects, displays and analyses all relevant data from the spinning preparation through to all four spinning systems. The functional scope of the new Energy and Climate module is shown and explained by means of a live connection to a large modern rotor spinning mill. With the new Rieter App, the Cockpit module and the new Alert module can also be tested. The Cockpit module displays the entire spinning mill on a mobile smartphone. The Alert module sends brief information to smartphones when alarm limits are exceeded. The spinning mill is therefore constantly under control.

SPIDERweb now also with Murata winder data
Rieter and Murata Machinery, Ltd. will intensify their collaboration for the control systems SPIDERweb and Visual Manager+. Also with ring yarn, SPIDERweb thus presents the entire value chain from the fibre to the finished yarn. The process optimisation between ring spinning machine and winder is now possible.

Graf EasyTop for the C 70 Card
The new Graf EasyTop for the C 70 card is a system for a rapid and cost-efficient replacement of flat clothings. The innovative mounting of the flat clothings with high-energy magnets significantly reduces the working time required for replacement. Assembly of the Graf EasyTop is carried out manually in the shortest time without using a machine or special tools. The simple exchange greatly reduces the operating and service costs.  

CHANNELpass for the R 66 Rotor Spinning Machine
At the ITMA, Rieter is exhibiting the new R 66 rotor spinning machine. Core of the R 66 is the S 66 spin box with a new technology element, the replaceable CHANNELpass. This allows an additional adjustment to the raw material and therefore a further optimisation of the yarn tenacity and nep rate. At the ITMA, Rieter is showing the variants for spinning cotton and viscose as well as a prototype for spinning polyester. The market launch of the version for polyester will take place in 2016 in collaboration with customers, so that the effect of the new technology part on various polyester fibres can be thoroughly tested.

VARIOspin for ring and compact spinning machines
VARIOspin seamlessly links the ring and compact spinning technology of Rieter with the experience of Amslertex in the manufacture of fancy yarns. All functions are synchronised and enable the cost-efficient spinning of fancy yarns with the accustomed Rieter and Amsler quality. A variety of effect designs can easily be programmed and produced, regardless of whether for coarse or fine yarn. With the VARIOspin, the manufacture of negative effects is also possible. Intentional long thin places are created that are finer than the basic yarn count. The optical appearance of this effect is particularly attractive with knitted garments.

Detailed information on the innovations at the ITMA 2015 is attached and can also be found on the pages of the Business Groups under www.rieter.com.

Detailed information
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Rieter is the world's leading supplier of systems for short-staple fibre spinning. Based in Winterthur (Switzerland), the company develops and manufactures machinery, systems and components used to convert natural and manmade fibres and their blends into yarns. Rieter is the only supplier worldwide to cover spinning preparation processes as well as all four final spinning processes currently established on the market. With 18 manufacturing locations in ten countries, the company employs a global workforce of some 5 011, about 22 % of whom are based in Switzerland. Rieter is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange under ticker symbol RIEN.  www.rieter.com

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