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04/20/2011 - Rieter Holding AG invites bondholders to meeting on May 10, 2011

Rieter Holding AG, Winterthur (Switzerland) has announced that a bondholders' meeting will be held in the auditorium of Maschinenfabrik Rieter in Winterthur on May 10, 2011.

Rieter's annual general meeting, held on April 13, 2011, resolved to split the Rieter Group into two separate, listed companies, Rieter and Autoneum. It further decided to distribute all the shares of Autoneum Holding AG to the existing shareholders, in the form of a special dividend. As bondholder representative, Credit Suisse AG believes that this fact entitles bondholders, under item 7(f) of the terms of the bonds, to declare the outstanding CHF 250,000,000 4.50% bonds due April 30, 2015, due and repayable. Rieter and Credit Suisse AG, as the bondholder representative, have therefore decided to convene a bondholders meeting on May 10, 2011. This will give bondholders the opportunity to decide on declaring all outstanding bonds due and repayable at their nominal value as per date of distribution of the special dividend (currently expected to be on May 13, 2011). As a meeting of creditors, the bondholders' meeting will resolve by absolute majority of votes represented, calculated by the nominal value of the voting capital represented at the meeting. Further details can be found in the invitation to the meeting of bondholders, published in the SHAB and in the bondholders' brochure.

For further information, please refer to:

Rieter Holding AG
Investor Relations
Rieter Managenement AG
Media Relations
Urs Leinhäuser
Chief Financial Officer
T +41 52 208 79 55
F +41 52 208 70 60
Peter Grädel
Head Corporate Communications
T +41 52 208 70 12
F +41 52 208 72 73

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