Repco spinning (self-twist spinning by Platt Saco Lowell)


Platt Saco Lowell has obtained a license from CSIRO for the self-twist spinning process. The corresponding machine has been called the Repco Spinner.
Eight roving strands (2) run from a creel (1) into a doubleapron drafting arrangement (3), where they are drafted in a normal drafting range (Fig. 17). A friction assembly (4) adjoins the drafting arrangement and consists of two reciprocating friction rollers. In passing through this device, the fiber strands leaving the drafting arrangement are subjected to alternating twist. Before the turns of twist can cancel each other out, the strands are brought together in pairs with a phase shift between the components of the two strands (Fig. 15). This produces the previously described self-twist (ST) twofold yarn. The four yarns proceed to a winding device (5), where they are wound onto cross-wound packages. This process is suited only to the spinning of long staple fibers and is therefore used solely in worsted spinning mills.

Fig. 17 – The Repco spinning machine