Yarn characteristics


The yarn character is slightly different from that of ringspun yarn. It is somewhat:
  • weaker,
  • stiffer, and
  • harder.

The hardness can be reduced by using finer fibers and by treatment of the finished product with a softener (e.g. with a silicone).
Additional points of comparison with ring-spun yarn are:

  • good evenness (like ring-spun yarn);
  • good abrasion resistance;
  • low tendency to pilling;
  • low snarling tendency;
  • shrinkage similar to that of ring-spun yarn;
  • higher resistance to bending;
  • slightly lower covering power;
  • wrapping fibers not uniformly distributed over the length; sometimes there are slightly more on the surface, sometimes slightly fewer.

A large number of wrapping turns impart more strength but at the same time greater hardness. Synthetic fiber yarns and blends of synthetic fibers and cotton with a proportion of synthetic fibers of at least 50% achieve strength levels of about 80% or more relative to ring-spun yarn.