The elements of the grid


Fig. 26 – The elements of a grid

The following elements can be used in the grid:

  • slotted sheets (a): poor cleaning;
  • perforated sheets (b): poor cleaning;
  • triangular section bars (c): the most widely used grid bars;
  • angle bars (d): somewhat weak;
  • blades (e): strong and effective.

They can be used individually or in combination, but slotted and perforated sheets, which were formerly placed under the licker-in, are to be found in old, obsolete  cards only. Modern grids are mostly made up of triangular bars. They are robust, easy to manipulate and produce a good cleaning effect. The same is true of blade-grids.

Blades have been used as grid elements for a long time (the mote knife), almost always in combination with triangular section bars.

Today, grids are made up of knife blades alone, without other element types. Angle bars are somewhat less robust and can tend to create blockages.