Separation of air and material


By far the most widely used assembly for this purpose is the perforated drum (Fig. 69). It is used in various machines and parts, often in so-called suction boxes (condensers).

A partial vacuum is created in the drum, and thus in the duct, by a fan at one end of the drum. Air and material flow toward the drum. However, while the air can pass through the perforations in the drum, and is then passed to filters for cleaning, the fiber tufts remain on the surface of the rotating drum and are carried along with it. In the lower region, the drum surface is screened off from the partial vacuum in its interior. The tufts are no longer retained by suction and fall into a chute. Another assembly for separating air and material is the slotted chute of the Rieter  UNIflex (Fig. 57), where the transport air is extracted through the slot, while the material slides down on the aluminum ribs of the rear wall of the chute.

Fig. 69 – Separation of air and material