On-line recycling plant for the entire spinning mill


Installed equipment can be designed for continuous (on-line) or batch (off-line) operation. Continuous operation implies that secondary raw material is blended with the primary raw material again in the same quantity, and that this takes place permanently and immediately after recovery. For this purpose, the reclaiming installation can deliver to a  bale opener (e.g.  waste opener), or the material can be blown directly into the ducting of the blowroom line. Here, the reclaiming installation is an integral part of the blowroom. On the other hand, batch operation implies that the secondary raw material is first pressed into bales following recovery, and is then fed to the blowroom in the same way as other bales. In this system, all waste chambers of the blowroom machines,  cards and combing machines are connected by suction ducts to central suction equipment that leads to pneumatic bale presses (or silos). In order to keep the various types of waste (comber waste, licker-in droppings, etc.) separate from each other, a bale press is required for each specific type. Such presses are available from Autefa, Bisinger, etc. If only one bale press is available, an individual silo must be provided for each type of waste. About three bale presses (or silos) should be sufficient for a normal cotton spinning mill. Waste chambers (one or more at a time) are selected intermittently and cyclically for suction, and the contents are blown into the presses, e.g. first from all blowroom machines. After automatic changeover to the second press, suction draw-off, for example of the flat strippings, is carried out. If the installation does not operate intermittently, then an extra duct is needed for each waste group. Both systems are used in practice.

The Rieter plant is described here briefly by way of an example.

Fig. 81 – A feasible arrangement for the disposal of dirty waste; Blowroom (a); cards (b); drawframes (c); combing room (d); disposal installation with silos (1 - 3) and bale presses, or disposal installation with horizontal bale presses.