Pre- and post-carding areas


In modern cards, one or more stationary carding elements are inserted between the licker-in and the flats and between the flats and the doffer. This enables progressive opening of the tufts prior to the main carding area between the main cylinder and the flats or preparation of the fibres for the doffing action. In addition to these stationary carding elements, cleaning elements are often integrated to remove dust, trash, and very short fibres. Because of the lack of impurities when running man-made fibres, knives should be set very close and should be opened a little bit when running blends with cotton. In the Rieter C 70 card, the opening widths of these cleaning elements can be easily changed by replacing inserts without any tools (see Fig. 33).

Adjustable open width of cleaning elements in a Rieter C 70 card (left: almost closed – right: completely opened)