Doffing the cops


The doffing system is in the idle position as long as the  cop is being wound (Fig. 55). Once the cop is fully wound, lever system (G) moves out with rail (B), while the levers raise the rail (Fig. 56). After reaching their uppermost position the rods retract again, the rail is positioned over the cops and is now lowered until the pegs engage in the tubes of cops (K). Instead of pegs, the cops can also be gripped by collars which enclose the cops. Gripping and holding are effected by inflating the pegs or collars, or by means of tubes.

Once the cops are gripped, rail (B) is raised together with the cops (Fig. 57), the rods are extended, lower the rail and move it over conveyor belt (T), and deposit the cops (K) on the conveyor belt (Fig. 58). The compressed air is then discharged and the cops are released.

Fig. 55 – Autodoffer prior to doffing

Fig. 56 – Extending the doffer rail (B)

Fig. 57 – Raising the full cops (K)

Fig. 58 – Lowering and releasing the full cops (K)