Manual doffing


Doffing used to be performed only by hand. Nowadays doffing is still performed manually for the most part in countries with low wage levels. Operatives would grasp the full cop with their left hand, lift it off the spindle and replace it on the spindle with an empty tube in their right hand before the thread could break between the cop and the spindle. Personnel would do this spindle by spindle, while pushing two boxes with their knee along the longitudinal rails attached to the machines. One of these boxes would contain the empty tubes, the full cops would be placed in the other. Doffing would be performed by groups in socalled doffing teams, with a specific section of the whole machine always being allocated to each operative.

Manual doffing is an unattractive job, since only a very few actions have to be performed very quickly and constantly repeated, and the work usually has to be done in a slightly stooping posture. It is very difficult to find personnel for this in industrialized countries. However, manual doffing also has the advantage that the doffing team represents a personnel reserve that is available at any time.