The threadline


The yarn produced in the  drafting system by twisting is fed directly over the spindle by means of thread guide eyelet (1). Before it is taken up on the spindle it passes over a second thread guide unit, balloon checking ring (2). Take-up on spindle (4) itself takes place as a result of the interaction between the speed of the  ring traveler rotating on  ring (3) and that of the spindle. The spindle is the third most important machine component after the drafting system and the ring/traveler combination. The spindle theoretically permits speeds up to 25 000 rpm.
However, this speed cannot be exploited to the full due to the limitations imposed by the traveler speed and/or the yarn tension in the  spinning triangle zone.

Fig. 17 – Thread guide eyelet (1), balloon checking ring (2), spindle (4/7) and ring (3)