Delustrants (MMF)


If luster and smoothness of MMF are to be suppressed in round fibers, this can only be done chemically. Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is used for this purpose. However, this delustring agent is extremely aggressive, similar to mineral dust, and results in premature wear of all fiber guiding components on the machine, and in particular the spinning elements on final spinning machines (rotor, ring, air-jet). While delustred fibers (titanium dioxide content ≥ 0.4%) should not be processed in principle, partially delustred fibers with a titanium dioxide content ≤ 0.15% can be used in blends with natural and/or man-made fibers which have not been delustred. The machine manufacturer‘s processing recommendations must be followed without fail. As a rule no warranty is given for the service life of the spinning elements if there is any departure from these recommendations.