With no other spinning process, with the exception of  ring spinning, can such a wide range of different yarns be produced in the count range Ne 3 - 60 / Nm 5 - 100 / tex 200 - 10 as with the rotor spinning system. The spinning elements play a crucial role here, making a decisive contribution to the optimum adaptation of the quality, structure and volume of the yarns to the intended end product. In addition, the selection of spinning elements also helps to optimize the running behavior of the machine (ends down, quality stops) in relation to the raw material used.

The following section contains a summary of the spinning equipment available for a rotor spinning machine (see Fig. 72), its range of application and its influence on yarn, final product and spinning technology.

Fig. 72 – Spinning elements for rotor spinning machines, opening rollers (rear left), rotors (rear right), draw-off nozzles (front), channel plates (center)