Supplying empty tubes


The tube loading system (Fig. 62) with empty tube magazine (a) and tube handling system (b) is standard equipment on rotor spinning machines where spinning is re-started on empty tubes after package change. The system supplies the robots with the empty tubes required for package change.

The tube handling system mounted on the front of the headstock accepts an empty tube from the tube magazine and places it on a pair of conveyor belts on the left-hand and right-hand side of the machine. At the request of the robot the empty tube is fed to the robot by means of the conveyor belts. This occurs whenever the robot performs a  package change. The new empty tube replaces the tube carried by the robot and used for the current package change. The robot accepts the new empty tube from the conveyor belts and is thus already prepared again for the next package change.

Fig. 62 – Empty tube magazine (a) with tube handling system (b) on the end frame of a rotor spinning machine