Edge displacement at package shoulders


At the reversal points of the traverse, i.e., at the edges of the package, a short pause occurs in the movement of the thread guide owing to the deceleration and subsequent reverse acceleration required here. More yarn is wound up at these points than at other points along the package length. This leads to considerable accumulations of yarn with the following consequences:

  • excessively hard and compact package edges,
  • ‚slippers‘ at the package edges (laterally displaced layers of yarn, disturbing in downstream processing),
  • differences in dye take-up between the center and edge of the package in dyeing packages.

To avoid the repeated placement of yarn at the same part of the package edge, a shift of the reversal point is added to the traverse motion (Fig. 34). This shift can be set from 0 - 5 mm in the case of conventional gears. Infinitely adjustable gears with variable traverse extension (Fig. 35 and Fig. 36) provide an extended range of adjustment of 0 - 30 mm and thus particular advantages in the production of soft dyeing packages with the required low package density in the package edge zone.

Fig. 34 – Conventional stroke displacement

Fig. 35 – Gear for variable stroke displacement

Fig. 36 – Variable stroke displacement