Quality control systems as integral components of rotor spinning machines


Uster Quantum Clearer2® (Fig. 45) and BarcoProfile® (Fig. 46) quality control systems are usually integral components of the rotor spinning machine. The system is adjusted and operated via the central operator control panel, as are the retrieval and display of all the relevant quality data.
The Uster Quantum Clearer® is optionally available with a capacitive or optical measuring head for quality control. Extraneous substances are detected by an optical sensor integrated in the capacitive or optical measuring head. BarcoProfile is based solely on the optical measuring principle, both for quality control and for detecting extraneous substances. The sensor for detecting extraneous substances is mounted separately on the yarn draw-off tube, and not in the measuring head. The advantage is that this sensor can be operated and retrofitted irrespective of the make of clearer module and also without a yarn clearer module.
Each spinning position on the rotor spinning machine is equipped with a capacitive or optical measuring head, which is directly connected to a central analyzing unit and the machine‘s control system. If a defect that exceeds the preset clearing limit is detected in the measuring zone of the measuring head, the spinning position is switched off immediately. The defective piece of yarn is wound off the package and extracted before spinning recommences at the spinning position.

Fig. 45 – Uster Quantum Clearer yarn clearer

Fig. 46 – Barco Profile yarn clearer