Two different types of rectilinear combers were formerly in use in short-staple spinning mills:

  • single-sided machines with 8 combing heads (Fig. 34);
  • double-sided machines with 12 combing heads.

The latter type was built only by the former  Saco Lowell company (Fig. 35).

To achieve the equivalent production rate, the single-sided machine is forced to operate at higher nip rates. On the other hand, the single-sided machine has the advantage of permitting 8 doublings (instead of only 6), of being rather less complicated and easier to automate. A single-sided machine will be described by reference to the Rieter E model.

Fig. 34 – Marzoli comber

Fig. 35 – Saco Lowell comber

Fig. 36 – Rieter comber