Hanging and standing pendulum


For the suspension of the nipper arrangement we distinguish between a hanging and a standing pendulum (Fig. 44), i.e. the nippers are arranged either on a crank beneath the bottom nipper plate (standing pendulum) moving forward and backward, or they are hanging on a pivot above the top nipper plate for the forward and backward movement. The arrangement one way or the other has a major influence on combing performance.

With a standing pendulum (Fig. 45, a) the nippers, together with the batt to be combed, move concentrically with the  circular comb. The distances to the clothing of the circular comb show little difference (almost constant treatment of the fringe). With a hanging pendulum (b) the variation of distances is larger, and the lowest and highest points of contact also vary, depending on settings. This results in an unfavorable combing operation.

Fig. 44 – Two different suspensions of the nipper assembly

Fig. 45 – Combing performance with standing and hanging pendulum