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A comprehensive understanding of the relevant technological and engineering principles provides the fuel for innovation and successfully keeping pace with developments in the textile industry. Only a thorough knowledge of the relationships within and between the different process stages can enable machine settings and thus end products to be optimized in such a way as to ensure success in the marketplace.

With RIKIPEDIA Rieter offers specialists, students and other interested parties a reference work with a practical focus on the technology of short staple spinning. The latest findings as well as historical background material are clearly explained in words and color illustrations. The contents are based on the book series "The Rieter Manual of Spinning".

"The Rieter Manual of Spinning"

The textile encyclopaedia „The Rieter Manual of Spinning“ has been the standard work for students, technicians and other interested parties of short-staple spinning for many years. The brand new Volume 7 – Processing of Man-Made Fibres – is now available. With immediate effect, Rieter is providing the entire multi-volume reference work with practical focus on the technology of short-staple spinning as a free download.

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Volume 1 - Technology of Short-staple Spinning
Volume 2 - Blowroom and Carding
Volume 3 - Spinning Preparation
Volume 4 - Ring Spinning
Volume 5 - Rotor Spinning
Volume 6 - Alternative Spinning Systems
Volume 7 - Processing of Man-Made Fibres


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