A leading global supplier for textile machinery and components used in short-staple fiber spinning

A leading global supplier for textile machinery and components used in short-staple fiber spinning

The global provider of components for all spinning processes

Yarns that follow fashion

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Rieter is the world’s leading supplier of systems for short-staple fiber spinning. Based in Winterthur (Switzerland), the company develops and manufactures machinery, systems and components used to convert natural and manmade fibers and their blends into yarns. Rieter is the only supplier worldwide to cover spinning preparation processes as well as all four end spinning processes currently established on the market. Furthermore, Rieter is a leader in the field of precision winding machines. With 17 manufacturing locations in ten countries, the company employs a global workforce of some 5 250, about 20% of whom are based in Switzerland. Rieter is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange under ticker symbol RIEN.

Group News

09/13/2018 - Rieter at ITMA Asia 2018 in Shanghai

New digital platform: Digital Spinning SuiteFour new G and K models expand product rangePremiere for the Autoleveler Draw Frame RSB-D 26SSM with world first winding machine... more

09/10/2018 - Rieter Campus Winterthur: Study Competition Concluded

Review panel pronounces in favor of project proposed by Winterthur firm, BDE Architekten GmbHRieter’s Board of Directors approves detailed draft of winning project Rieter intends... more

07/19/2018 - Sales Increase in the First Half of 2018

Sales increases by 24% compared to the previous year period; all business groups contributeOrder intake in the first half of 2018 grows by 3% compared to the first half of... more


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