BERKOL® Grinding Technology

A constant yarn quality and a long life time of the cots can only be achieved by regularly grinding the cots.
  1. Most modern grinding machines
  2. Multifunctional executions
  3. First class Bräcker service
  4. Complete roll shop solution
Grinding process BERKOL multigrinder


Various manufacturers only offer top rollers or only service machines. Bräcker is the only company worldwide who offers both product lines under the brand name of BERKOL®.

BERKOL supergrinder on blue background
BERKOL supergrinder SGM

BERKOL supergrinder – the fully automatic grinding system

BERKOL supergrinder stands for a generation of grinding machines, which perfect the grinding of top rollers.

BERKOL supergrinder SGM
In addition to the grinding feature, this type is equipped with a measuring unit (M).

BERKOL supergrinder SGMB
The SGMB contains in addition an integrated Berkolizing unit (B).

BERKOL supergrinder SGLMB
The SGLMB model is equipped additionally with an extra-large storage unit which allows the grinder to work for several hours without the presence of an operator.

BERKOL multigrinder MGLQ, copyright by Bräcker AG
BERKOL multigrinder MGLQ

BERKOL multigrinder – one for everything

With the BERKOL multigrinder the entire range of top rollers and detaching rollers used in a spinning mill can be serviced on only one grinding machine.

BERKOL multigrinder MG
Grinding machine for the semi-automatic grinding of top rollers, OE rollers and detaching rollers

BERKOL multigrinder MGLQ
In addition to the MG execution, the MGLQ model offers a modul for the automatic grinding of top rollers plus an aggregate for the process control during the grinding operation.



The Berkolizing of the top rollers influences the running characteristics of the spinning machines in various aspects in a positive way.

But the prerequisition is that the top rollers are perfectly grinded.

BERKOL service units

Bräcker supplies the following products for the roll shop:

  • Lubrication equipment
  • Presson units
  • Roughness tester
  • Concentricity testing unit