Alloy for cylinder card clothing - MULTISHARP

Perfect for abrasive fibers and high production rates
  1. 50% longer lifetime
  2. 30% less downtime
  3. Consistent sliver quality

Product Details

MULTISHARP, the unique wear-resistant alloy for the cylinder card clothing extends its use by 50%. The increased hardness of the material reduces the wear on the wire considerably and therefore allows for consistent carding quality for an extremely long time. 

The improved property of the alloy also results in longer grinding cycles. This reduces maintenance-induced downtime of the carding by 30%. The spinning mills enjoy a double benefit by extending the use of the card, which guarantees a higher rate of production while significantly reducing time-consuming service calls. 

Thanks to these properties, the MULTISHARP alloy is especially suited for fibers that are particularly abrasive to the clothing and also for high production cards with high production rates.

Lifetime extended by 50%

Spinning tests have shown that the new Graf MULTISHARP alloy achieves a 50% longer lifetime compared to the industry standard of the CUTTYSHARP alloy. This makes it possible to increase the production volume of the cylinder clothing by half before replacing it.

Maintenance-induced downtime reduced by 30%

The MULTISHARP alloy's wear resistance extends the maintenance intervals significantly. This makes it possible to reduce maintenance-induced downtime by 30% during the same period. 

Consistent card sliver quality

Thanks to the longevity of the MULTISHARP alloy and the associated dimensional stability of the cylinder wire, the card sliver quality remains consistent throughout the entire lifetime. This allows for undiminished and gentle opening of the fiber material to the individual fiber and removes all impurities from seed coat particles, neps, and short fibers. This fulfills the core requirement for consistent yarn quality.