Texturing Units FTS525M

Leading in precision, productivity, and yarn quality
  1. Open/close system
  2. Highest process speeds
  3. Fast change of twist direction
  4. Low vibration at high yarn take-off speeds

Temco texturing units are leaders in precision, productivity and yarn quality. The long lifetime and fast speeds together outperform the many competitors on the market.

Customers get a high value product that features the latest technology. The unique design of the Temco open/close unit in particular increases the efficiency of the texturing machine. 

Innovative open/close-System

The innovative design of the open/close unit in particular increases the efficiency of the texturing machine. The possibility to open the unit significantly reduces adverse effects on yarn tension during threading and minimizes yarn breaks, even for low count microfilament yarns.

Using the threading mechanism that is incorporated within the unit, the yarn is threaded into the heart of the open texturing unit without excessive tension. Yarn tension peaks are significantly lower when closing the unit compared to a fix center unit.

For microfilament yarns in particular, this gentle method of threading results in significantly lower yarn breaks at positional start-up and consequently in a marked reduction in time to thread the entire machine. Moreover, during the process, there is no threading gate, which restricts handling or vision of the yarn path in the open/close unit. 

When inserting the threads with an open/close unit significantly lower yarn tension peaks occur compared to a fixcenter unit, which significantly reduces the yarn breaks during threading.

Temco Texturing Unit FTS525M

Motor-driven texturing

The motor-driven Temco texturing units FTS525M can be used for highest yarn speeds. The units are suitable for new machines, as well as for modernizing all the usual high-speed texturing machines.

Unit head and motor are in line and are connected by means of a plastic coupling without intermediate drive. The bearing shaft diameters are highly rigid. This, together with an additional damping, guarantees low vibration even at high yarn take-off speeds.

Other types of units upon request.

Product advantages

Less complexity of the machine thanks to reduced quantity of mechanical parts compared to drive belt systems

  • Low noise
  • Less energy consumption
  • Less variation of revolution

High flexibility of different products

  • High speed range (6 000 to 20 000 rpm.)
  • Easy change of twist direction (S/Z function and electrical control)
  • No adjustment of the cooling plate necessary for S/Z production (upper yarn guide remains in the same position)
  • 6 mm and 9 mm texturing discs possible with a high stacking (max. 1/8/1)

Can be installed in each machine profile (horizontal and vertical orientation)

Energy saving

The motor-driven unit needs less power compared to a belt-driven unit.

Noise reduction

The noise level of the motor-driven unit is reduced by 1/3 compared to the belt-driven system. This is the perfect condition for present and future human working conditions.

Lower variation of revolution

The motor-driven unit offers lower variation of revolution from position to position compared to belt-driven units.