Twist Stoppers DST

Filament friendly for highest yarn quality
  1. Low inertia
  2. Low friction
  3. High precision ball bearings
  4. Highest process stability

Product Details

Temco is a competent partner in the textile industry and offers its advanced ceramic twist stoppers for all applications. The double row bearing of the twist stoppers offers several advantages compared to single bearing versions, such as stable running behavior and long service life.

Thanks of the novel, patent-pending snap-fitting of the ceramic twist stoppers and the simple assembly tools as well as the detailed instruction manual a fast and easy assembling and maintenance of the twist stoppers is ensured.

Twist stopper ceramic

Product features

  • Star wheels made from diamond-polished advanced ceramic prevent any microfiber damages
  • Low inertia reduces tension peaks during start-up
  • High precision ball bearings for unsurpassed lifetime
  • Low friction – no additional tension for constant yarn quality
  • Highest process stability based on undisturbed yarn flow and secure, but smooth twist stop
  • Fast and secure replacement of star wheels or bearing – assembly with snap-fit, no screws
  • Easy and efficient cleaning and removal of yarn wraps
Twist stopper DST3065S-2R.101

Area of application

For stabilization of the texturing process, nearly all modern texturing machines are equipped with twist stoppers in front of the first heater. Both Polyester (PES) and Polyamide (PA) yarns are gently treated in the titer range from dtex 22 to dtex 167. The twist stoppers are suitable for both new equipment and retrofitting of all existing machines on the market.