Active Cradle with PinSpacer NT

A simple solution to improve the yarn quality
  1. Reduced imperfections of up to 40%
  2. Rapid amortization
  3. Easy installation

The Active Cradle with PinSpacer NT (ACP) reduces the yarn imperfections by around 25%, many times even up to 40%. The ACP is available for most top weighting arms. With the ACP, the yarn quality improves substantially in a very cost-effective way.

Description and Working Principle

The ACP consists of three elements:

  • Active Cradle
  • Spacer NT
  • Pin NT

The Active Cradle has a spring-loaded edge. Hence, if the top apron is stretched over time or the tolerances are not perfect, this edge assures that the top apron does not buckle. Thus, a high yarn evenness can be guaranteed.

The Spacer NT is basically just a cradle spacer, except that it is designed in such a way that the Pin NT can easily be attached to it.

When the Pin NT is attached to the Spacer NT, the PinSpacer NT is formed. The Pin NT penetrates the path of the fibers just before they reach the nipping line of the top roller and the bottom roller. The effect is similar to the one that is achieved with the well-known pressure bar on draw frames. By restricting the fiber flow to some extent, the Pin NT ensures a more even drafting, which results in fewer imperfections.

The ACP offers the advantage that the Spacer NT and the Pin NT can be handled as two separate parts. The five different variants of the Pin NT combined with ten versions of the Spacer NT lead to a total of 50 combinations. This offers the right solution for the individual requirements of the client.