Clamping Crowns for Spindles

Novibra spindles can be supplied with a wide range of cutting and clamping crowns. Starting from the traditional steel cutter to modern crowns providing doffing without underwinding.
  1. Safe yarn clamping and cutting
  2. Reliable and rapid doffing
  3. Energy saving
  4. Reduced maintenance
  5. Easily exchangeable
Novibra portfolio of clamping crowns

Clamping Crowns CROCOdoff

New generation of clamping crown introduce genuine doffing without underwinding. Can be supplied with a new machine or as an upgrade for existing machine. The crown works automatically depending on the spindle speed change, no significant adjustment on the machine needed.


  • for all materials and counts Ne 16 and finer
  • for bottom ALU dia (DUI) up to 19 mm


  • significant reduction of energy consumption
  • less maintenance
  • reduction of after doff end down rate
  • easily exchangeable
NASA with SERVOgrip
NASA with SERVOgrip

Clamping Crowns SERVOgrip

Clamping crown designed especially for Rieter ring spinning frames introduce genuine doffing without underwinding. Operated mechanically by ring rail of the ring spinning machine.


  • less yarn faults and end downs
  • distinctly reduced fiber fly
  • ensures dependable and rapid doffing
  • less maintenance
HPS 68 with EASYdoff
HPS 68 with EASYdoff

Catching and Cutting Crowns EASYdoff

Starting from the traditional steel cutter to modern crowns providing doffing without underwinding, there is another advanced solution – catching and cutting crown EASYdoff


  • exchangeable
CROCOdoff Forte
CROCOdoff Forte

Clamping Crowns CROCOdoff Forte

Heavy duty clamping crown enables doffing without underwinding also for coarser counts. This state-of-the-art clamping crown features all benefits of CROCOdoff enlarging its range of application.


  • for tubes up to 250 mm
  • for coarser counts of cotton, man-made fibers and blends
  • for bottom ALU dia  (DUI) up to 22.4 mm
  • recommended for L HPS 68 spindle